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EARON  Recruitment is a leading recruitment agency, specializing in the Life sciences, IT Digital, Finance and Accounting.
Our team of dedicated experts is committed to finding you the perfect job and helping you take your career to the next level.

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Our Expertise

Scientific laboratory

Life sciences

Medical device

Candidat IT

IT Digital




Artificial intelligence

Finance Candidate

Finance & Accounting

Financial direction

Cost accounting



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Our Services

recruitment candidate

Permanent recruitment

research executive

Executive Search



Our permanent recruitment service allows companies to find the perfect candidates for long-term roles. We use our extensive network of qualified professionals to identify the ideal candidate for any role, ensuring you get the best person for the job. Our experienced team is dedicated to finding the perfect match for your business.

Our executive search service is designed to identify and recruit high-level executives for your organization. We use a comprehensive process that includes search, assessment and targeted recruitment strategies to ensure the best candidates are identified and placed in the right positions. With our experienced team of executive recruiters, we can help you build the leadership team you need to succeed.

The consulting services of our contracting agency offer our clients the flexibility to temporarily access highly skilled and experienced talent. We are able to provide our clients with a cost-effective and efficient solution to fill short-term or on-demand positions, allowing them to focus on their core business activities. Our outsourcing services are tailored to the specific needs of the client, ensuring that they receive the highest quality of service.

"EARON found the ideal candidate in record time. Their dedication and understanding of our needs was impressive. Highly recommended!"

François - HR


38, avenue Wagram 

75008 Paris, France 

+33 1 84 88 54 63 (FR)

+1 929 388 0445 (USA)

+44 20 3868 2241 (GB)

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